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    orse that I ain’t bred, and no sort of dorg Orses and dorgs is some

    now I was poor; how I never could bear it, or recover it, if I lost

    into great notice until the ladies retired After that, I observed that

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    interest to me When I can’t meet his daughter, I go where I am

    ‘Where’s mama, Master Davy?’ repeated Peggotty

    back which she called ‘the creeps’ At last she shed tears on that

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    Night without moon, Montreal silver snow is moonlight pour twenty outside of the sea, the sea fishing as candle light is flashing.

    David Copperfield

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    preparation, Mrs Crupp, after some difficulty, consented to warm

    ‘Oh! That bluff fellow!’ said Steerforth ‘He had a son with him,

    She lifted up her head, and looked darkly round at him for a

    and I going unsteadily from the one to the other I have an

    nets, sails, cordage, spars, lobster-pots, bags of ballast, and the

    David Copperfield

    state of my mind In my forlorn state I became quite attached to

    upon a bridge; and that over her tea (to which she was extremely

    ‘I dare say I didn’t make myself very clear,’ he went on, ‘nor you

    with them; in their absence, I ate and drank by myself At all times

    ‘No; to no Captain To Mr Chestle, a hop-grower’

    the return of day, noon, afternoon, evening, when the boys played

    ‘Well!’ said Steerforth ‘We must make it stretch as far as we

    butcher, we are always in such a tangle and tussle, knocking about

    ‘He is always generous and noble,’ said Mrs Steerforth,

    the coach-fare to Yarmouth was always to be had of her for the


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