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    engaged ‘You are too solicitous about him He is very well’

    attention were concentrated on it

    fifty pound Bank note, in a sheet of paper, directed to me, and put

    ‘Well,’ returned my mother, half laughing, ‘and if she is so silly

    you did When you know that she only does it out of kindness and

    getting on very well indeed I found him still driving at it with a

    and reasonable in that sort of marriage’

    David Copperfield

    rusty tassels to it; and a quizzing-glass hung outside his coat,—for

    I said I would mention it to Mr Wickfield, and if he approved,

    murmuring verses—and recalling, I suppose, the ancient days

    known his company this afternoon’

    from all the rest, I joyfully believed that he treated me in life

    but unavailing Towards evening, strange boy calls Brought into

    provision for a cousin, and an old playfellow, of Annie’s’

    ‘Do you know how mama is, Mr Peggotty?’ I said ‘And how my


    with a success never attained by anyone else (so Mr Peggotty

    going to have any knockings on the head in this family, if you

    It was still on her mind when I bade her adieu; and she said to

    ‘Oh, Davy, Davy!’

    might have been made another creature perhaps, for life, by a

    this happy close of the proceedings with repeated bursts of

    house where I had been, a few days since, so happy: where my

    mealy Mealy’s father was a waterman, who had the additional


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