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    ‘Time will go fast with you, Mr Jack Maldon,’ pursued the

    David Copperfield

    ‘Yes, child,’ said my aunt, rubbing her nose again ‘He is

    ‘No, Rosa, not a word! Let the man listen to what I say! My son,

    Master—Mister Copperfield!’

    Micawber, ‘I will not disguise from you, my dear Master

    I have but an indistinct idea of what happened for some time

    foregoing dialogue was succeeded by another, in which it was Mr

    think, could have been more terrible to me, than the mental

    He stopped, and, looking in my face, said, ‘Daisy, I believe you

    the room and found her alone

    David Copperfield

    written to about him by the Canterbury rooks, and were observing

    her increasing indisposition had a larger one There was an

    you mind my calling you Daisy?’

    sorrow, I should not think of it at all But it’s not that; oh, no, it’s

    ‘I am in the lovingest of tempers, my dear,’ she would assure me

    Mrs Gummidge and Ham were waiting to take leave of us

    over her large nose, as if, being disabled by the wrongs of her sex

    ‘Now don’t get up at five o’clock, you naughty boy It’s so

    church, and the changed air of the place Again, the dreaded

    not to mind it We went the nearest way, without conversing much

    her any warning of what impended Thus it was that we parted

    David Copperfield

    Minnie to marry Joram “Do name it, sir,” says Joram “Yes, do,

    aunt’s suggestion; which she left to my free decision, making no

    merry When we came to our journey’s end, he went home,

    of wondering on some most unexpected topic, ‘what’s become of

    I know how he has narrowed the circle of his sympathies and

    A great wind rises, and the summer is gone in a moment We are


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